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1. Обновление от 20 июля выложено. Продолжение следует...

2. Основным способом расчётов стал наложенный платеж.

3. Группа в "Одноклассниках" - https://ok.ru/nordsteiner

Актуальные новости - в социальных сетях и e-mail рассылке.
Важное · Important
1. Ознакомьтесь с нашей политикой обработки персональных данных в соответствии с Федеральным законом "О персональных данных" N 152-ФЗ.

2. В части Закона 54-ФЗ:
- в каталоге выставлена продукция мастерской местных народных промыслов;
- основной вид расчётов с 19.07.2017 - через Почту России (наложенный платеж).

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Payment methods
We currently accept several types of payment.

1. PayPal
While making-out up of an order you can choose payment via PayPal.
After you have completed your order you will receive a message with all the information necessary for your  payment on the email address you stated. 
The Buyer is not a subject to cash transfer fee - you are to pay only order value and delivery.

2. WebMoney
Webmoney-purse Z339809928949 (USD)
If you choose to pay via WebMoney please note the number of your order and the grand total. Please don't pay for your order before you received an e-mail that your order is completed.

3. Western Union
All the details for money transfer are sent to you via e-mail just after you place an order with us.  Please take Western Union money transfer fees into account.
If you choose to pay via Western Union please note the grand total, the payment code and the full name of the remitter.

Please inform us via e-mail after you payed for you order.

The sooner you inform us about your payment the sooner your order will be shipped.

NOTE. Please take money transfer fees into account.

After you have sent money via Western Union system please send us via e-mail the following information: 
identification payment code, full name of the  remitter, name of the country, the city and the precise sum of the payment.

According to the Russian bank's requirements this information is necessary for us to receive your payment.
We ask you to do this especially when the order is placed with us by one person and the payment is sent by someone else, e.g., a relative or a friend. 
In this case the name of the remitter and the name of the buyer in the ordering form are different.

Shipping and Delivery

1. All non-Russia orders are shipped via Russian Post. Small Packet International via air-mail is used. 
The postage costs are according to the rates of Russian Post.

2. The delivery period of the international air-mail usually is within 1-5 periods, depending on your location and the customs services.

3. In customs declaration the items bought in our online-shop are marked as souvenirs and are called "Kola souvenirs" ("Kol'sky suvenir").
Postal items intended for individual persons are marked as "Gift" in customs declaration. 
All the minerals you can find in our catalogue are not precious gems. They do not require special form of customs declaration.

4. After your order is shipped we will e-mail you identification code which is necessary to track  the current state of the postal item.
Please use this link http://www.russianpost.ru/rp/servise/en/home/postuslug/trackingpo to track he current state of the postal item.

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Наложеннный платеж Вестерн Юнион

Ознакомьтесь с нашей политикой обработки персональных данных в соответствии с Федеральным законом "О персональных данных" N 152-ФЗ

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